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We Paint Our Sins On The Ceiling [entries|friends|calendar]
Comfortably Confused

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Monday August 29th @ 7:39 pm]
Kay so i have a new username.
Add me or i'm goin gangsta on ur ass.

.............. COLLEEN_CORE ..................
.........Add me bitch.........
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uh oh, lotsa text... [
Saturday August 20th @ 7:17 pm]
Okay SO, yesterday was fun. I met up with Kaylyn, Aaron, Myles, and Myles' friend Joey at the mall, and we walked around for a while. Aaron (who is a vegetarian) went up to the people at Chic Fil A and started screaming at them about how they were "chicken murderers" while Kaylyn and I watched laughing....yeah and then we went into Wet Seal and i got all mad because of the Peta video i saw (It showed this little animal looking through the bars of a cage, and someone opened the cage and kicked it and as it was trying to get up they started beating it's head in with a baseball bat so that they could skin it and use it's fur for their (Wet Seal) "fall line"...E E W N O T F X N C O O L) and of course they had all of this fur in there and kaylyn and aaron started walking around yelling at people not to buy any of the stuff because they were "BUNNY AND SMALL ANIMAL KILLERS" lol but yeah....and then we went into the Disney store and ran into David and then Kaylyn and I ended up leaving and going to Abercrombie and Fitch. lolololol we were in there and we were like "Omg we should go get aaron back, we just left him there, i bet he's mad at us, aw we need our aaron, omfg look at this skirt, okay we're looking for skirts instead" lol but then we finally ended up leaving and we found Aaron in Hot Topic. He wasnt mad apparrently since he offered to buy me patches ♥ Then we went hung out in the food court and then we walked over to the football game at Naples High...that was pretty fun. lmao myles bought a megaphone (actually it was a little one but it was still a megaphone lmao) and started screaming random things, and finally pissed off a few seniors enough that they were like "dammit man i'm gonna fucking kick this blond kids ass" lololol it was funny....then Alex, Hope and some other people came up, and were sitting with us and then Anthony got in a fight with Myles because Myles said something about "Oh i bet you'd love to put your mouth around the end of this megaphone" or something like that i dont know, something stupid like that...and Anthony was like "Oh thats fine i bet you can too, considering you're Aaron's bitch" LOLOLOL it was really fun. OMFG YEAH AND THEN I RAN INTO TJ lol i was standing by the fence with this big group of people and i hear someone screaming "WILLIAMMMSSS!" and i knew it was TJ since that's all he calls me lol so i turned around and i was like "CURRRFMANNN!" lmao so yeah then i was talking with him...and he was up there with a group of his friends and he was like "sooo are you playin any sports this year?!" and i told him no and he was like "Ahh you should be a volleyball player, i'm tellin ya!" lol (he's been telling me constantly that i should be a volleyball palyer because i have "the body for it" and he could "picture me being one") haha so he was asking everyone what sport they'd imagine me playing and amazingly they all said Volleyball.....do i look like a volleyball player? lol Ne wayz, that was tons of fun, but Aaron left early and i didnt want him to, and then i got home late and i was sooOo tired, i fell asleep as soon as kaylyn left lol. (she came home afterwards with me and we hung out) and then i woke up this morning at like 7 bXc i had to go to Miami for my bro's football game which was fun cuz i love football ♥♥♥ I slept in the car for the way up there cuz i was so fxn tired lol and then i stayed up there until like 4, i got sooooOo sunburnt at the game! i'm all red and "achey" now..egh... they won 14-6 though it was a really good game but anyways, i came home and freaked cuz my room was all disorganized (i'm a neat freak when i want to be it's odd) so i went crazy cleaning and now my room is all pretty and nice again hehe. I'm sad though cuz Aaron wanted me to go to the movies with him and Myles but i couldnt cuz i didnt have a ride...egh that sucks. But anyways, i'm not *myspacing*, *LJing*, *AIMing*, *Purevolumeing*, and talking to Dustin, the coolest kid ever to live in Michigan. =D lol Ew i typed a lot = /
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Sunday August 7th @ 11:54 am]
School starts tomorrow?
That sucks.
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Tuesday August 2nd @ 11:15 am]
Yo. I'm Colleen.
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Monday July 25th @ 7:58 am]



Birthday!!!! ♥

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Saturday July 23rd @ 11:16 pm]
Today was so fXing amazing.
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Saturday July 23rd @ 1:16 am]

......that's who i hung out with all day. It was fun...we went to this random golf store and picked up the clubs and balls and started playing in the store lmfao...and then this old guy walked in and jacob walked up to him and said "Hey those two girls will be your sex slaves for ten bucks a piece" and started dyyyyyyyyying laughing and (to mine, and Alexandria's disgust...) the guy was like "DAMN THAT WOULD BE AMAZING" ...(us=*cringes*) and then we came back to Travis' house, and hung out for like..the whole day. So that was cool...
I'm so fXing sore now though..from those stupid airsoft guns. They dont hurt, it's just that Jacob got me in the head, and Matt kept shooting my back every time i'd turn around, and he'd shoot at like, the same spot so now my back is sore.
Damn him.

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Tuesday July 19th @ 3:02 pm]
My cat can kick your cat's ass
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Tuesday July 12th @ 10:54 am]
Pix of me without braces and Pix from when Kristin came over!Collapse )
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Sunday July 10th @ 8:54 pm]
I'm getting my braces off tomorrow! Hooray =D I'll post pictures l8r.
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Friday July 8th @ 10:23 pm]
I just got back from a concert...
A Horror Story was playing and i was like "PhChyah i'm so going with Kristin" so we went and it was really fun. = ) And now i'm back. And now i'm happy. lol i looked like such a loser though, everyone there was wearing black and here's me, walking in with my effing tan American eagle shirt (STFU IT'S A COOL SHIRT. IT HAS AN EFFING PANDA ON THE FRONT!) haha I ended up buying a shirt and i wore that for the last half of the concert...it was black, big surpise lol. It was cool though, we ran into Cindy, Kyle, Nina, Diane, and Frankie and we hung out with them the whole time. Kyle was screwed up though, he was *under the influence* lmfao i have no clue what he snorted, but it screwed him up = / It was a cool concert but now i reek of smoke. Everyone was smoking omfg. Did i spell reek right? I dont think so.

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Thursday July 7th @ 9:33 pm]
You have....15 new voice messages. To listen, please enter your passcode, then press pound.

Damn you, Kristin.
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Wednesday July 6th @ 11:25 pm]
lmfao..lets see...i woke up today at 1:45 in the afternoon because i'm mad rad and i'm allowed to sleep in... = ) Then, i walked to Mr.Coffee's house in a tank top and these tiny pajama shorts (because i'm a hoebiscuit!) I stayed at her house for like...hours, and i got a phone call from someone, (i *still* have no clue who it was) and i didnt pick up, so then Mr.Coffee called them back and was like "Who the hell is this? Why did you call? Oh you didnt call? So you're calling me a fucking liar? What the hell? and then they hung up on her so she called back and was like "Hey did you just call me" (just joking around) and she was like OMFG YOU HUNG UP ON ME!!! and then they were like...arguing on the phone lol. And then i guess she hung up again, so hope called back AGAIN and i guess the person's mom or something picked up and said call back in two minutes. So THEN she called back again and some guy picked up and she was like "Hi, are you hott? I like hott guys." and then he asked her to come over and she was like "Of course i'll come over!!" lol and then she was like "So i have to know....how big is your...well, you know.." and he was like wellll....my boyfriend says it's awesome (he was pretending to be gay because there were guys in the background laughing) and she was like "hmmm.....that's awesome! i lovvvve to bang gay guys, i cant even tell you! Gay guys are sexy!" and he was like "haha thanks" lmfao it was so funny. and then she called another random person from the phonebook and THAT convo was SO effing funny lol we're such losers. We were so bored! Oh and then i talked to Anthony (her ex boyfriend...NOT Anthony E.) on the phone and then online. He thinks he's gangster. And he said he wasnt asleep...but he was. lmfao
*********** i love randomness *******************8
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Tuesday July 5th @ 7:06 pm]
Me and Hope are going to make a documentary on how much Naples sucks.
We're going to interview people while they're pissed off so that they will say "naples effing sucks i hate it!" and then we're going to show it to everyone.
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Sunday July 3rd @ 9:56 pm]
Okay, guys arent retarded anymore. lol
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Sunday July 3rd @ 1:55 pm]
YAY! HOPE GETS BACK FROM HER MOM'S HOUSE TOMORROW! .:: Hooray! ::. lol more sore arms from Volleyball, Bloodhound Gang, and Cartwheels on the beach! hehe
♥ Colleen ♥
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Sunday July 3rd @ 12:13 am]
guys are so retarded.
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Saturday July 2nd @ 12:40 pm]
I have new music on my myspace profile.... Donnie gave me the code cuz he's mad rad.
=D Check it out and comment on my profile if you want.
♥ Colleen
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Friday July 1st @ 2:15 pm]
Do you wear black eyeliner? Yes
How much black clothing do you own? Erm...about 1/4 of my clothes are black
Do you think about death often?: not *my* death lol
Do you want to die?: No
Are you a social outcast: No
Are you pale?: I have a tan! =D
Do you like Hot Topic?: Yes but i effing HATE THE EMPLOYEES. Damn that stupid bald guy.

--Skater Punk--
Can you skateboard? Yes
How often do you wear Vans? I dont. I wear DVS
What's your sneaker brand?: DVS & Converse
Do you listen to the bands who are considered posers: lmfao no, i listen to a lot of heavy metal.

How often do you say the word "like"?: A lot!!! lol
Do you shop at Abercrombie and Fitch?: On occasion, but it's not my top choice store
Are the A&F models hot?: No
how many purses do you own?: Over 20, seriously. lol
is lipgloss a must? Yes
How often do you wear makeup?: Almost everyday
Ever had a manicure?: haha, yeah.
Rock music is bad, right?: EW NO. HEAVY METAL ALL THE WAY!
Are you ever ditzy?: of *course* not. haha = /
Do you own high heels?: Yes
Have you ever said "Oh my gosh": Everyone says that....wtf?!
Are you a cheerleader?: No and i dont like cheerleaders.

Is your hair long?: Yeah, but not *really* long
Are you a vegetarian?: No
Do you own a tye dye shirt?: No
Do you want peace?: Yes
Do you want to save the animals?: Screw the animals.
What do you think about war?: No comment
Have you ever made a peace sign with your two fingers?: No i make peace signs with three fingers. WTF?!

Are you from the ghetto?: lmfao no.
Do you own "bling bling"?: Yeah i got it out of a toy machine at publix! =D
What do you think about do-rags?: one word: StockingsOnYourHeadIsEffingStupidTackyAndWierd...... = )
How about hip-hop?: ..Hah, no. lol all they sing about is sex, drugs, money and how everyone loves them.
What do you think about afros?: You can hide things in them. HOORAY MARIO!!
Have you ever said 'fo shizzle'?: Yes .. unfortunatly
Is life a party?: Hell yeah
Do you care about your grades? Yeah
Do you need attitude adjustment?: I dont know, *you* tell *me* lol

How often do you cry?: Whenever i get really stressed out. Which isnt too often!
Do you have an acoustic guitar?: Yes although i dont play it!
Are you emotional?: Umm yes everyone is
Do you like soft music?: Yes
Do people understand you?: Yes
Do you write your own songs?: Yes
Is your hair dyed dark?: My hair is *naturally* dark!

Do you play any sports?: Yes
How important are they to you?: Important but not *that* important1
Do you pick on the geeky kids?: No i love geeky kids! They're kick ass! =D
Are you considered a bully by anyone?: No...Not unless you count ARIK.but he really is my *best friend* lmfao
Do you wear glasses?: No
Are you smart?: Yes
Do you use an inhaler?: No
Do you stick pens and calculators into your shirt pockets?: I dont have pockets on my shirts lmfao
How often are you on the computer?: everyday

Wow, was there any point in taking this quiz? ...no. lol
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Thursday June 30th @ 7:25 pm]
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